Born- Taihape 1951

Father- Maori (Ngati Raukawa)
Mother- English

Largely ignored by my college art teacher and with no formal training in the arts I never envisioned myself making a living as a full time artist.
My art journey has been a series of accidental discoveries and fortuitous meetings with talented individuals.

My mother gave me a passion for writing and my sticky sentimental efforts eventually evolved into a few published short stories.
A friend introduced me to lead lighting in the eighties and when I wasn’t pulling glass shards from my elbows I was grappling with
design and trying to overcome the limitations of function. A job with a landscaping firm led to a passion for plants, brick walls,
trellised fences, old chimneypots and posed Zen dilemmas like where the hell do I put the third rock?
A camera with a good zoom lens helped me separate a complex world into simpler parts.

In 1990 I discovered stone and spent the next two years in Daryl Gray’s art studio trying to imitate his Tai Chi style of carving.

In 1992 when I was 42 an auspicious time if you believe in the yogic concept that our lives are structured in 7-year cycles
I took the vow of poverty and became a full time artist.

In 2002 I set up my Paekakariki studio in an old panel beaters workshop and began working with paint, metal, demolition timber
and computer graphics.
In 2008 I moved the workshop upstairs into an old sewing factory that has plenty of space to work, play display and sleep

Have taken part in both group and solo exhibitions here in NZ and overseas

link: here You can find my curriculum vitae


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